‘I had a long list of issues with my dog Sid before I met Linda, but after a few weeks of applying the method we could see an improvement in his behaviour. Sid no longer rushes out the front door as soon as it opens, he no longer jumps and barks when I take him out on the lead or lunges at strangers when he meets them. He is like a different dog. Thank you Linda!’


M. Carter, Witney.

‘Linda was fantastic and very patient. She has continued to help us via telephone calls and emails. After two weeks of applying the techniques we are seeing the benefits – fantastic! Highly recommended.’


T. Cuthbert, Banbury.

‘Inspirational and enlightening. Linda was like a breath of fresh air coming into the house. Her understanding of what we were looking to achieve was spot on and Chalky is a much happier dog. She has helped us achieve so much with him.’ 


M. Heyward, Fawley

‘Linda's fresh ideas and balanced approach to changing your dogs unwanted behaviour is inspiring and the results speak for themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Linda and Different Dogs in helping you to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with your canine friend.’

Riley, Rolo & Nya

Vicky Lawes, LawesPaws.

‘As a family, we all felt very comfortable having Linda come into our home. She was very supportive and understanding and made us feel that we were not alone. Everything that Linda told us made sense and has been fairly easy to follow. We now have a much happier and more relaxed Dozer who enjoys a play in the garden and feels a real part of the family. Thank you so much.’


T. Pearce, Watford.

‘Quite a radical way of thinking about your relationship with your dog! I love Linda’s way of thinking and if you want to understand why your dog behaves in the way that they do rather than just correct a symptom, then Linda is your lady.’


K. Morris, Henley on Thames.

‘After thinking we would just have live with our dog’s ‘quirks’, Linda has given us the tools to deal with them. Linda’s enthusiasm, interest & care has made us feel that we will see changes.’


S. Whyman, Highmoor

‘Linda’s approach is unique & extremely effective because she is focused on the ‘person and dog’ communication – not just the dog!’ 


V Clark, Henley on Thames

‘We met Linda at a time when our dog’s behaviour was creating a great deal of stress and challenge for our family. Linda dealt with us all with great patience, understanding and empathy. We learned so much from her which was explained clearly and made so much sense!’


J. Lovell, Marlow

‘The consultation has given me great insight and confidence which I am sure will transfer to my pet retriever.’ 


C. Pointer, Caversham

‘Linda was very helpful. My dog got so much better going out from the house and with his confidence. Thank you Linda!’


A. Baldassarri, Henley on Thames.

‘My Newfoundland is starting to relax and become more biddable thanks to Linda, and my grandchild is also learning how to interact with him having been previously very scared.’ 


G. Scouller, Bix

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“The value of a relationship is in direct proportion to the time that you invest in the relationship” - Brian Tracy