​Having worked with animals most of my life, I have specialised in canine communication and behaviour for over 14 years; particularly exploring our relationship with them. I bring a unique blend of practical guidance and energy releasing methods that introduce a different way of interacting with your furry friend!

This enables you to feel more at ease, relaxed and confident, engendering trust between you and transforming your relationship. Once this way of communicating is established it is far easier to help with behaviour issues and any aspect of training.

I am delighted to now offer some of the services below to include cats and other animals..

Home Consultation 

A half day comprehensive tutorial to learn about the canine psyche, their role within your family and understand life from their perspective.

We utilise 5 key areas of canine communication to help modify behaviour and enhance your relationship in the home and beyond,  giving you the tools to last a lifetime.


Home Assessment

A 90 minute visit designed to reach a full understanding of your requirements and create a bespoke strategy.

We will agree the best way forward and how we can work together to achieve your goals and make that all important difference to your pet's wellbeing and your relationship.


1-2-1 Coaching

Practical sessions to improve canine/human communication and handling skills that target a specific area such as:

  • walking on lead
  • recall
  • over excitement


Therapy Sessions

These sessions are designed to involve you and your pet communicating in a non-verbal way that invokes peace, tranquility and trusted co-operation. They are of geat beneift if you wish to overcome a specific experience or to simply help emotional healing between you.


Pet Healing

These appointments may be particularly helpful if your beloved pet is recuperating from an illness or medical procedure or they are of an especially anxious/nervous disposition. I employ different energy therapies and gentle communication to complement the healing process and help restore peace and equilibrium.


Pet Bereavement

Please accept my deepest condolences if your pet has passed away. It is an unfortunate part of life that sometimes we say goodybe to loved ones physically but do remember we are always connected energetically. These sessions are devised to support the grieving process and help you relinquish any emotional aspects you feel may be holding you back.