Following my heart and a life long passion for animals I embarked on a new career in 2005 and graduated the Professional Trainer’s Program in Vancouver, B.C. I returned to England full time 3 years later and gained Advanced Canine Communication status through Jan Fennell’s Dog Listening courses. Relocating to Henley on Thames in 2009 and founding Different Dogs, my journey carried on toward better understanding of communication, behaviour and programming in humans as much as our beloved four-legged friends.

Further studies led to being a Practitioner in NLP, EFT and Colour Psychology. Most recently I completed the ACT 1 training with The Trust Technique. With a MBS approach, I now combine some or all of these modalities within my consultations and sessions. This enables us to identify root cause issues or stress factors that often produce repeated patterns of behaviour.

The tools and techniques I use offer the chance to reveal these unhelpful emotions, release them and/or re-programme the subconscious thought patterns.

Peaceful and positive application of valuable feelings within our communication leads to a much improved relationship. From there, not only do we feel better, so do our animals and we can then enjoy our lives together from a balanced, respectful premise.

Animal / Human Therapy

In any relationship we share feelings and mirror those to one another. It is a very natural process of reflection. When we react to another’s behaviour it is because we too have the same drivers within us and (if we’re honest!) probably express that same behaviour at times, although it may manifest differently and therefore appear that - 'we’re not like that'!

With raised awareness we can release those drivers within ourselves  and therefore create a different reality that is reflected back to us. This is the Law of Attraction in operation.

We all know everything is energy. And energy vibrates at different frequencies. We use phrases such as:

'I really resonate with them';  'he has a great vibe';  'we’re on the same wavelength'

There is something really quite intangible about it and yet we’ve all felt it at some time or other. And if it’s in a great way – fantastic! Happy days. Sometimes, it’s not in such a great way though and that's where we may come unstuck and our relationships and communication may go awry.

'She just doesn’t get me';  'we're not on the same page'; ''they really pushed my buttons'

Generally, this is easy to spot in our human relationships – and often, we simply choose to continue that relationship or not – but what about our animals? Aren’t they simply reflecting similar stuff? Maybe you feel embarrassed by their behaviour or it makes you angry. Maybe you feel powerless and out of control.

These sessions are designed to identify specific feelings and programmes that have been highlighted through your relationship and transform them. Yes, you have the power to free yourself from those triggers! You, your pet and your relationship should benefit enormously.

Animal Communication / Healing

Just like you, your pet can benefit from some true time out, just to relax and de-stress. With such busy and demanding lives we can all use a bit of ‘me’ time!

These sessions particularly aid the healing process if your beloved pet has a physical condition, emotional imbalance or is in recovery from a surgical procedure. The gentle energy shifts support the body to heal itself through deep relaxation methods.

Pet Bereavement

Any animal lover is likely to have experienced the sorrow of losing their loved one. Thankfully these days we are beyond the idea that this relationship is in inferior to any other, regardless of species. The feelings are the same and warrant as much self care and expression as with any other experience of the same kind. The beauty of energy is that, in itself, it does not die; it simply transforms.

The sessions here offer a sensitive approach to help release any unwanted ‘negative’ emotions you may be carrying since the loss of your pet, enabling you to heal and feel free at your own pace.

The connection that you shared with your pet remains with you always and we can enable the ‘positive’ aspects of that going forward.

Relationship / Behaviour consultation

Consultations take place in the comfort of your own home to provide the most secure and familiar environment for you and your dog/s.  It is far easier to receive information with a relaxed mind, so the less distractions the better - at least to start with. This is important for all concerned as creating a climate of trust is conducive to success.

Patience and gentle persistence are required as it is important to work at the pace of your dog so they can fully internalise a new way of experiencing situations they may have reacted to in the past. Once this process has begun however, and practised frequently, you may be surprised at the speed of results!

Over time we may also work further afield when/where applicable.

Additional sessions

As sentient beings, both ourselves and our animals are forever changing, growing and learning and so too is our relationship. This is a very natural progression and I provide continued assistance for this evolving process.

You are welcome to email me with any questions following a consultation and subsequent sessions are on offer should you wish to book.

Puppy consultation

The delightful experience of bringing a new puppy into your life can also be quite daunting for both parties! Establishing your relationship and how life together will work going forward may require more time and attention than anticipated and often takes people by surprise.

With guidance from you, providing gentle and effective communication to help your puppy develop confidently is a great foundation from which you both can grow.

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"The art of largely the art of persistence"- Albert Ellis