Linda Seren

Communication & Behaviour Specialist

Hello and welcome!

I offer a teaching method accessible to anyone with an open mind and willing heart. This is a unique blend of practical steps and holistic tools to empower you and engender confidence and cooperation in your dog.

Following many years experience exploring the human/canine relationship I bring together various modalities to improve connection, trust and well-being. Through effective communication and applying simple techniques we can work together to make a world of difference.

If you want to improve your relationship, change behaviour or even overcome a particular experience, I’m here to help.

Early 'programming'..

Both humans and canines are intelligent, sentient beings and as such become products of our early experiences and subsequent conditioning as we grow, whether we are aware of it or not.

All this information and related emotions is retained in our subconscious and therefore becomes our core 'programming' - much like an operating system.

Most often we are driven by this without conscious application and our 'behaviour' is the result.

Within dogs, this can of course become inappropriate and difficult to manage within our social structure - and it is only us that can take responsibility.

Communication breakdown..

As in any relationship, we are affected by our experiences, stress factors and feelings – and in turn, our emotional responses to one another. If we are stressed, the outcome of our communication attempt is invariably negative; not what we wanted to achieve – and frequently, quite the opposite.

The emotional connection we share with our dogs is key - and instrumental to our success. They can react to our state of mind and equilibrium on a sub-conscious level just as we can react to theirs; most often exhibited through 'undesirable behaviour'. 

Previous experience, emotional triggers and current events all play their part in our present day reactions and responses.

Trust and re-learning

With awareness and allowing ourselves to release 'negative' feelings from the original experience, we can consciously re-write the programming with more beneficial and 'positive' feelings, for happier present and future experiences.

Being a trusted guide in your dog’s eyes is vital in our domestic world; a world they simply cannot understand with only their inherent instincts and conditioning to rely on.

They need to learn their cues from you. What’s ok, what’s not. What boundaries you apply and what freedoms you allow - with a respectful  and loving approach. It’s all about balance; within ourselves and the energy we send out to others.

Relationship harmony

When it comes to talking and listening, we already know the more relaxed both parties are, the easier and more effective that communication will be. With quieter minds, we are able to understand one another far more successfully.

These methods introduce a different lifestyle and way of  interacting to engender trust between you. Once this level of communication is established it is far easier to create changes, allowing you both to feel freer and enjoy the wonderful lasting relationship you deserve.

It is my passion to offer a variety of tools and knowledge to help you have fun and grow together in peace and harmony.

Linda :)

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“Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication”  Stephen R. Covey